Cawston Press

Cawston Press misses the days when a ‘fizzy drink’ meant a lunch break, a baking hot day, time off and time out. When drinking a can of pop was always ‘oo, that’d be nice’. Cawston Press was set up to get some of that back. What if they could put it all in a can, but without the sugar that gave ‘fizzy’ it’s bad name?

So they did. Every can of Cawston is just pressed fruit and a little fizz. The sweetness comes from the pressed fruit. No sugar, no fake sugar, no shortcuts.

Cawston Press knows if they use good ingredients, they can make great drinks in a can or a carton. They’re showing the rest of the soft drinks world how it should be done.

They started out with a lot of apple trees and have been pressing fruit for over 30 years. With a strong heritage in 100% Pressed juice, Cawston Press has taken that knowledge and applied it to their fruit water cartons and sparkling soft drinks range.

This is Cawston Press’ first year at Taste of Dublin, and they are very excited to be sampling their Sparkling range and fruit water cartons. Their mission is to spread the word about Cawston Press and to keep the consumers attending refreshed, be sure to come and find them and let them know what you think of their delicious drinks.

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