Creating Conscious Consumers

We know that food is essential to life and that it forms an important part of our cultural identity and plays an important role in the economy. We also know that Ireland produces some of the best food in the world. What we undermine is the impact that the food we produce and consume can have on our environment. Taste of Dublin wants to educate and empower its festival visitors to become conscious consumers by hosting expert panel discussions and talks on all aspects of sustainability in Irish food. Learn more about how your small changes like shopping local or understanding food waste can make a difference or learn more about environmental factors affecting how we source and produce our food in Ireland.

Learn from chefs and artisan producers on why considering seasonality and provenance when choosing your ingredients is so important and how it can not only make a difference to the planet but also to your pocket. Experts featured will include Emer Forrester of, Conor Spacey of FoodSpace Ireland, Olly Nolan of Olly’s Dublin Honey and many more.

These talks will take place on the Food for Thought with Regina XXL stage.