Corleggy Cheese

CORLEGGY CHEESES are award winning Irish Artisan Farmhouse cheeses, handmade from wholly natural ingredients, in the traditional time-honoured way. Established in 1985.

Corleggy cheeses was a awarded the Great Taste Awards Golden Fork for Small Artisan Producer of the Year 2013 in London.

The finest quality RAW milk from locally grazed herds of Goats, Sheep & cows’ is handmade into hard cheeses, which mature for at least 3 months.

Each of our farmhouse cheeses is cared for individually with lots of subtle flavours and improving with maturity; its natural rind is nurtured being one of the cheeses characteristics. The only added ingredients are Vegetarian Rennet & salt. Our ranges of cheeses are hard and resistant, with a long life.

We believe in the slow food philosophy; it takes time for these wonderful cheeses to develop.

CORLEGGY Goats Cheese; Hard cheese handmade from RAW goat’s milk. We feel that the aroma and taste strike a perfect balance between rich and mild. 8 weeks to 4 months matured (depending on season weather & humidity. The rind is natural & edible and very flavoursome.

Among other awards the latest being 3 Gold stars Great Taste Award 2013.

CREENY Sheep Cheese; Hard cheese handmade from RAW Sheep’s milk. At 2 months this is a mild cheese but as it matures up to 12 months it becomes a very sharp cheese indeed. It is rare as production is limited to 4 months in the year. Sheep milk is the richest milk of the 3 and high butter fat and protein content makes for the rich luxurious taste. Like goats milk, sheep milk products are suitable for people with cow’s milk allergies.

Among other awards the latest being Gold medal at Irish Cheese awards 2013.

DRUMLIN Cow’s Cheese; Hard cheese handmade from RAW Cows’ milk. Matured for a minimum of 2 months. It is a member of the Slow Food Irish Raw Milk Cheese Presidia. The Drumlin range includes; Traditional, Garlic, Cumin, Green Peppercorn and Beechwood Smoked by Frank Hederman in Cobh, Co. Cork.

Among other awards the latest being Gold Medal at Irish Cheese Awards 2013.

CAVANBERT Cow’s Cheese; Soft cheese handmade from RAW Cows’ milk. Made fresh every Monday and matured for a minimum of 2 weeks. Leave at room temperature for 30mins and the centre becomes soft and gooy!Store at <5°.

Winner of Gold medal at the Irish Cheese awards 2013

PORT JELLY; for the cheeseboard we have developed an accompaniment that is: “Delicious and crystal clear with a good depth of flavour” according to judges who also praised the balance of sweetness and alcohol.

Great Taste 2013 Winner top 50.

Twitter: @corleggycheeses

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