Campo Viejo

Campo Viejo believes vibrant cultures add colour to life

Our expert winemaking team continue to experiment with cutting-edge techniques and applying modern twists to traditional winemaking, to craft progressive styles and new expressions of Rioja.

We aim to inspire people to live a life more colourful by embracing the expressiveness, generosity, authenticity and vibrancy of modern-day Spain.

With vineyards across the Rioja sub-regions and a winemaking team committed to innovation, we pioneer rich, contemporary expressions of Tempranillo, the region’s signature varietal.

Winemaking and art have a lot in common. Just like artists who use canvas and paints to express their vision of a life more colourful, our winemakers use Rioja as their canvas and the Tempranillo grape as their brush. Taste Festive will animate the concept of a ‘life more colourful’ through and a multitude of interactive and creative experiences, showcasing the vibrancy of Campo Viejo and modern-day Spain.

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