Healthy Food

Nutbutter started 2 years ago when we decided we wanted to create something that would nourish people not just feed them.

We started with the premise that “We believe in the benefits of an increased plant-based diet, but we also believe in choice. We never understood why the vegans, carnivores and flexitarians couldn’t eat exceptionally well in the same place. We committed ourselves to only buying the absolute best ingredients we could possibly buy. But to design it in such a way that nutbutter would be accessible to as many people as possible.

We found that inspiration out in California. We were very inspired by the healthy eating movement out there – For the first time we were eating amazingly tasty food that was also really good for you. We really wanted to bring that to Dublin, so we could eat it every day and we thought that other people would be interested too. We wanted to bring a flavour of the sunshine into both the food and the design, so people could really get a feel of what we had experienced. We also really want to make people smile!

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