Adrian’s Manor

Irish (Thurs-Sat)

Chef Adrian Martin and Manor Farm Chicken have come together to promote the great taste of Irish Chicken and the many ways it can be brought into quite literally thousands and thousands of recipes.

What do Chef Adrian and Manor Farm have in common? … a love of great tasting Chicken and they’re both from Cavan!

Chef Adrian may be only 26 years of age but his experience working in the Restaurant Business has been for more than half his life. Manor Farm have been in business for 243 years so bring a huge amount of knowledge and experience of chicken to the restaurant at taste of Dublin appropriately named “Adrian’s Manor”

The Taste of Dublin menu at Adrian’s Manor brings Adrian twist on some great recipes by using some of Manor Farm chicken’s newest and traditional innovation. Our Crispy Buttermilk Chicken Fillet in a Brioche Bun is made from chicken fed on our unique Omega 3 diet – great for the heart, brain and vision. Our Chilli Chicken Fillet Mince Tacos with Gruyère Cheese is produced using 100% chicken fillet which is low on fat and high in protein. Finally who can resist our Manor Farm Slow cooked chicken drumsticks glazed and coated twice in a buttery buffalo sauce, served with a smoked garlic and chive mayonnaise dip.

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