Rosa Madre's Casrecce Pasta with Nduja and Ricotta

Luca De Marzio shares one of his pasta favourites; using fresh casarecce pasta and some deliciously fiery nduja sausage.

For the sauce:

In a large pot fry some white onions chopped previously really thin

Add some guanciale or pancetta and let it sweat until soft, squeezing some nduja into the sauce and let it melt

Add some white wine and let it reduce

Once the wine is evaporated add some passata and let it cook for 10 minutes 

Once the sauce is cooked add some salt and fresh basil

Now add in to the sauce some nice ricotta (my favourite is buffalo ricotta from Toons Bridge) 

Mix the ricotta into the sauce and it’s ready to go 


For the pasta:

In another large pot boil some salted water and once is boiling add fresh pasta

Drain the pasta and with the help of some pasta water finish to cook the pasta in to the sauce 

Plate the pasta and finish with some Parmesan cheese and some basil 

Buon appetito!

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250 grams of fresh casarecce pasta

1 can of tomato passata

250 grams of guanciale or pancetta

Half an onion

Fresh basil

200 grams of buffalo ricotta

2 tablespoons of Nduja

Parmesan cheese