Taste’s food trends results are in!

More than one out of two food fans in Ireland believe ‘Fakeaways’ will be Ireland’s next big food trend.

We wanted to find out a little more about Irish people’s opinion on food!

Take a look at our trends infographic to learn more.

Trends Survey Infographic

‘Fakeaways’, whereby health food is provided in takeaway form, will be Ireland’s next big food trend according to more than one out of every two food fans in this country.  A total of 54% of the respondents to a new Taste of Dublin survey believe this healthy option will is more likely to be the next culinary trend, while 19% believe it will be fermented foods such as kimchi and kombucha.  11% thought seaweed being the next kale was likely to be the next big food trend while raw foods were the fourth most widely predicted next trend, chosen by 10%.

The survey also revealed that nine out of ten Irish people consider themselves to be a ‘foodie’, with more women than men giving themselves this description (90% vs 87%).

The popularity of eating out was also captured with most people (55%) spending over €100 to eat out each month, while only 7% spend less than €50 eating out during the same period.  In fact almost four out of ten of us eat out at least once a week (39%).

Irish women are also more likely to eat out weekly (40%) compared to Irish men (35%).  34% eat out twice a month, while 16% eat out on a monthly basis and only 8% eat out less than once per month or rarely.

While the popularity of eating out at restaurants is strong, Irish people don’t indulge in champagne quite as often.  Despite returning to the Consumer Price Index basket of indicator goods earlier this year, only 1% of us will order champagne as part of a night out on a weekly basis and the same percentage will do it fortnightly.  Most Irish people (54%) say they never order champagne, although a larger portion of women are more likely to order champagne a few times a year than their male counterparts (41% versus 35%).

This trend was reversed on the question of craft beer, with 19% of men describing themselves as people who drink a lot of craft beer, compared to 5% of women.  Overall, however, six out of ten of us don’t consider ourselves craft beer drinkers.

The survey also captured the importance of bar and restaurant reviews to food fans.  84% of people say they are more likely to attend a venue which has had a good review, while 7% say they will immediately book a place if they read a good review.  28% also said a bad review makes them less likely to go to the venue and 7% said they will definitely avoid it if it receives a bad review.  6% claimed that reviews don’t impact on their intentions to check out various pubs and restaurants while 3% said they don’t read reviews.

About the survey

In total 1,773 people participated in this survey.  The survey was conducted between 20th and 28th April 2017. For some survey questions, participants were given the option of ticking more than one box if multiple answers applied. Part 2 has been published and is featured on the previous page.