Q&A with Thom Lawson

We caught up with Thom Lawson of Sprezzatura...check out what he told us!

What is your favourite thing on the Sprezzatura menu and why?

The Tomato carpaccio, its a simple dish but ours is made with Irish tomato, Irish rapeseed oil, and Irish Micro Basil from Littlecress Microgreens. It really sums up our restaurant. Italian ideas with Irish produce. For a similar reason, our Stracciatella from Toonsbridge is a favourite of mine, paired with bread from one of our bakeries, at the moment we’re using Dublin based Tartine. 

What would be your desert island meal? (Starter/Main/Dessert)

Bone Marrow on Toast from St John (London)

Scallops cooked in their shells on the coals of an open fire!

Probably a bottle of Champagne if that’s allowed!


What is your favourite seasonal dish?

This is a strange one and its not really a dish. I have one absolute standout memory of eating something like I hadn’t before.

It was a fig I had in Campania, not far from Napoli, and It was the single most noticeable difference of trying something perfectly in season, height of summer, the figs were drying on trays all around, and the flesh was warm and sweet in the sun. 

You have to pick figs at the perfect time as they don’t continue to ripen after they’re picked, this was one of those moments that stood out to me. 

What drink would you pair with it?

It would have to be a wine from the region for me, Greco Di Tufo, nice and cold, sat in the sun. Bang!

What is your favourite restaurant in Ireland and why?

There are a few I enjoy for different reasons but Uno Mas is excellent obviously, I like to sit at their bar on my own and eat as much as possible with a bottle of wine. Friendly staff, wonderful food and excellent wines. 

What is your favourite dish in Ireland and why?

Oysters, Just getting a bunch of lovely oysters and having a pint of Guinness. 

Who is your most hotly tipped young chef in Ireland today?

Too many to mention. It's buzzing at the moment, but perhaps Nico Reynolds at Lil Portie, and our own Alex Braz, he’s really fantastic. I'm not just saying that

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