Q&A with David O'Byrne

We caught up with David O'Byrne Head Chef at Richmond Restaurant...check out what he told us!

What is your favourite dish the menu at Richmond and why?

Our quail is a firm favourite. We serve it all year round and switch up the garnish in line with the season. We take the breasts off the crown, stuff them with a sausage and black pudding mix, roll in caul fat and poach. The legs are cooked down, deboned, wrapped in pancetta and served like a lollipop.

What would be your desert island meal? (Starter/Main/Dessert)


My starter would be the veal sweetbreads, morel and truffle


My main would be a classic Lobster Thermidor and fries


My dessert would be anything chocolate, I love chocolate, did I mention chocolate...

What is your favourite seasonal dish?
I love game season so probably venison

What drink would you pair with it?
A nice bottle of Barolo


What is your favourite restaurant in Dublin and why?
There are so many good restaurants in Ireland so it’s hard to pick one, but we go to The Greenhouse every Christmas with the lads in the kitchen. The most recent I’ve been to was Etto for lunch which is always delicious.

What is your favourite dish in Dublin and why?
I’ve got to say Rosa Madre’s whole turbot to share, it’s always perfect and they always have a great wine to match

Who is your most hotly tipped young chef in Ireland today?
There are so many young talented chefs coming through but
Dan Hannigan from Mister S stands out. I had the pleasure to work with him for two years at Richmond, we chat regularly and have become good friends. He is full of energy and is always wanting to push himself, he’s a credit to our industry and no doubt will go far.

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