Q&A with Daniel Hannigan

We caught up with Daniel Hannigan Head Chef of Mister S...check out what he told us!

What is your favourite thing about Mister S and why?

The team. From the owners to the kitchen porters, we all work extremely hard together but also work in a way that provides a positive atmosphere. We are very lucky to have people with such love and passion for what we do. 

What would be your desert island meal? (Starter/Main/Dessert)


Duck pancakes with hoisin sauce


Sole cooked on the bone with lots of fresh herbs butter and capers


Lemon tart 

What is your favourite seasonal dish?

My favourite seasonal dish would be grilled asparagus with sauce gribiche. I used to make it when I worked for Graeme Dodrill in a restaurant called Saison. Its the start of all of the bright fresh ingredients coming into the summer so I always get excited by asparagus coming into season. 

What drink would you pair with it?

Probably a really nice white wine but id get sommelier friends to choose as I'm not great with drink pairings

What is your favourite restaurant in Dublin and why?

It depends on the occasion but I would say Liath in Blackrock. There's not many places where you can go and comfortably laugh the night away while getting Michelin (should be two) star food. The staff there are some of the best I've seen. 

What is your favourite dish in Dublin and why?

The foie gras royale in The Greenhouse. I absolutely love this dish. I could eat it every day. They used to do it with sea buckthorn instead of apple and it was the best thing I've eaten. 

Who is your most hotly tipped young chef in Ireland today?

I have a young chef with me in Mister S called Michael Stapleton. We call him Ginger Gordan because he's an absolute machine. He's only just starting but everything he does, he does with huge drive and passion and if he sticks with it, I firmly believe he will become a phenomenal chef. 


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