Q&A with Ahmet Dede

We caught up with Ahmet Dede of Dede at the Customs House Baltimore...check out what he told us!

What is one of your favourite dishes at Dede The Custom’s House and why?

Manti – it’s Turkish little dumplings filled with minced lamb belly, almond garlic and mint yoghurt dressing. The history and meaning of the dish is so special – the smaller the dumplings means you care and love the person you cooking for -  these are so small in size – just the size of a tiny hazelnut. l used to make these with my mum for special evening dinners - great memories.

What would be your desert island meal? (Starter/Main/Dessert)

The starter is spiced red lentil soup with chilli and lemon juice

Main is braised lamb shoulder, bulgur wheat, mint parsley aubergines and preserved lemon

Dessert is Turkish pistachio baklava with kaymak ice cream

What is your favourite seasonal dish?

Tomatoes from West Cork - different types of basil, fresh cheese and fresh summer offerings - flowers and herbs it’s all about freshness and seasonality!

What drink would you pair with it?

Killahora apple ice wine, serve with honey and brown butter dessert

What is your favourite restaurant in Ireland and why?

The Greenhouse in Dublin for the best restaurant in Ireland. The chef (Mickael Viljanen) just keeps pushing to get better and better, and every time l eat there it’s better

What is your favourite dish in Ireland and why?

Foie Royal by Mickael in The Greenhouse. l have eaten this dish so many times and the balance of fat and freshness is amazing. The skillset of a great chef and beauty of art.

Who is your most hotly tipped young chef in Ireland today?
Matthew Stafford from The Greenhouse - such a talented young man with a great work ethic and attitude he will go far for sure!

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