Compass Ireland: Proud to Support Irish Producers

Compass Ireland are proud to support Irish food producers. At Taste of Dublin, four of their producers will be part of a panel discussion on the Food for Thought with Regina XXL stage on Wednesday 1st of September at 2pm. Find out more about their work with Compass Ireland below. 

Lynsay Orton of Ross Hazel Farm, County Meath

Our partnership with Ross Hazel Farm began in 2016, and we’re proud to have been working side by side with Lynsay ever since. We’ve even committed to purchasing every ounce of her delicious produce for the next three years, giving Lynsay the security she needs to continue developing Ross Hazel Farm alongside her little helpers (her children!).

Ross Hazel Farm may have its roots in mushroom farming, but it’s now a large, artisanal holding producing a diverse range of fruit and vegetable varieties for Compass Ireland kitchens – including courgettes, tomatoes, cucumbers, aubergines and beans.

Lynsay is truly passionate about sustainable farming and aims to promote biodiversity by encouraging natural bee pollination and avoiding pesticides.

Just as Lynsay supplies our kitchens with her lovingly grown produce, we collect and share organic waste from our partnerships to aid her compost production, helping to support Ross Hazel Farm’s ongoing commitment to environmentally friendly agriculture.

John Kenny of Atlantis of Kilmore Quay, Wexford

As part of our commitment to removing imported fish from our Compass Ireland kitchens, we source only the freshest, Irish-caught fish from Atlantis of Kilmore Quay. Our clients and customers deserve the finest seafood, and that’s what we deliver with support from John and his skippers!

We’ve been sourcing our delicious seafood from Atlantis of Kilmore Quay since 2013. We’ve also committed to the Captain’s Catch pledge, which assures John and his teams that their fresh catch will be used in our kitchens.

We’re proud to work side by side with John to promote sustainable fishing methods in Irish waters. Atlantis of Kilmore Quay is currently working towards its Fishery Improvement Project (FIP) accreditation for hake and haddock, which we’re supporting by sourcing only sustainably caught seafood from John and his skippers. 

Brian O'Reilly of Emerald Greens, Tipperary

Thanks to Emerald Greens, we source the freshest basil from right here in Ireland. We pride ourselves on our great-tasting food, and it’s thanks to innovative herb farmers like Brian that we’re able to season our dishes so beautifully!

Brian may have spent almost 20 years growing mushrooms, but he has since become Ireland’s commercial vertical farming pioneer! Emerald Greens now grows fresh basil using innovative vertical farming methods, and is set to diversify its yield with other leafy green varieties over the next few years. This allows Compass Ireland to reduce our food miles, whilst also supporting local producer’s.

We began working alongside Brian in early 2021, and are excited to continue developing a partnership rooted in innovation and sustainability. We’ve committed to purchasing 25% of Emerald Green’s first basil yield alongside our fruit and vegetable wholesalers, Readychef, and are collaborating with Brian on the launch of future vertical farm initiatives.

Bernard Cronin of The Wonderful Barn Garlic Company, Kinnegad

Our talented chefs know that to bring our dishes to life, they need to cook with the freshest base ingredients – especially garlic! That’s why we source the most flavoursome home-grown garlic varieties from The Wonderful Barn Garlic Company, with every bulb harvested by Bernard, his daughter, and a small team of local helpers.

We first fell in love with Bernard’s delicious garlic in July 2021, and within three weeks decided we wanted The Wonderful Barn Garlic Company’s produce in our Compass Ireland kitchens!

We may seek inspiration from cuisines and dishes from around the globe, but we like to source our ingredients from right here in Ireland. So, we loaned Bernard the equipment he needed to get started, and are now proud to source our Germidour and Therador garlic from his farm in Kinnegad.

In addition to promoting sustainable agriculture, we’re dedicated to supporting truly passionate growers – and Bernard certainly fits the bill! He’s been growing his French-variety garlic since 2019, but he first knew he wanted to do something to celebrate Ireland’s beautiful countryside while working in France in the 90s.

His next goal is to transform The Wonderful Barn Garlic Company into the go-to garlic supplier for businesses across the country, with Compass Ireland behind him all the way.

Compass Ireland are the official sponsor of the Taste Theatre for 2021. 

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