P20 Sunscreen


Riemann A/S is a Danish manufacturer of specialised skin care products. It was founded by Claus Riemann who had the vision of creating products with an “objectively identifiable effect” – that people can experience themselves. In other words: products that work. This simple, yet challenging, ambition is still P20’s vision today.

The story began in Claus Riemann’s family house in the seventies. He had already seen the need for reliable sunscreen and launched P20 sun protection in 1979. The very first high sunscreen factor on the market, it offered the extra benefit of needing only one application a day. Hence P20 “10 HOURS SUN PROTECTION”.

P20’s wide range of protects offer seriously reliable sun protection that is perfect for the whole family. P20’s lightweight, easy to use and quick drying formula allows you to apply your sun protection with ease. P20 is durable up to 10 hours, very water resistant and protects against UVA/UVB rays.The range is free from fragrances and colourants making it the perfect sun protection solution for you and your family.

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