Master of Mixes


Master of Mixes is a brand of premium cocktail mixes including fruit puree infusions and ready-to-go juice blends that gives our customers the chance to craft delicious cocktails at home with ease! Master of Mixes is crafted in the US using perfectly ripe, globally sourced fruit and ingredients, ensuring a Master of Mixes cocktail is always fresh and full of flavour.

As the cocktail trend in Ireland continues to grow, we feel that now is the perfect time to launch Master of Mixes to the Irish market, enabling our customers to prepare premium cocktails at home with great ease. Master of Mixes is a versatile bottled cocktail mix which gives users the option of making simple two-step cocktail recipe, as well as crafting their own unique creations. The possibilities are endless, whether it’s a White Peach Mojito, a Strawberry Margarita, a Whiskey Sour, or an Espresso Martini, Master of Mixes has you covered.

At Taste 2019, we will have our team of Mix Masters serving out some delicious Master of Mixes cocktails from behind our bamboo bar. Attendees can decide on enjoying one of our premium cocktails served in the surroundings of our Tiki style area while enjoying the flair of our expert bar team. Expect tropical tunes, flowery shirts and good vibes.

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