If you believe in clean, additive free, healthier food then Genovese is for you…….

Genovese is the very Irish company with the very Italian name. Established in 1999, they are the oldest fresh pesto producers in Ireland and epitomise what clean food is all about. Genovese hand makes their range in small batches, blending the taste of fresh healthier ingredients and using techniques that allow those flavours to develop naturally and unhurried. They couple their understanding of the craft of making pesto with a deep love for additive-free food and a passion for producing hugely flavoursome products using minimal processing.

Genovese respects the provenance of raw materials and the changes that occur seasonally in those ingredients. They live by an ethos of sustainability from the sunny farms that produce their basil and extra virgin olive oil, to the not so sunny creamery that produces their vegetarian cheese. They know and care where the ingredients they use are grown and produced, therefore, bringing you a range of products that reflect those beliefs. Genovese is Origin Green verified which means they live by a code of ethics that reflects those beliefs in sustainability both economically and socially and make every effort to curtail their footprint on this planet.

They are a specialist gourmet company that believes in producing hugely flavoursome products from great ingredients. They pride themselves on their taste and the health benefits of the ingredients they use. All products are Gluten Free, manufactured in a totally Gluten Free environment and are either Vegetarian or Vegan. They are listed with the Coeliac Society of Ireland and use small batch production techniques with absolutely no additives, preservatives or colourings. Their products are free from GMO and are Low Salt. Genovese products are fresh therefore they need refrigeration. Due to their production methodology, their products have a 42-day shelf life, even when opened.

Genovese will be providing a hamper of Italian goodies worth €175 to one lucky individual at this year’s festival. Visit Genovese at Taste of Dublin 2018 to sample or buy their award winning pesto’s, tapenade, and mayonnaise!

Clean food, expertly made.


5 Oxmantown Rd,
Dublin 7


Phone: +353 (1) 474 1044
Mobile: +353 (87) 067 0740

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