Club Mixers


Club Mixers have been lifting Irish spirits since 1852, with 2017 representing the 165th anniversary since the first bottle was produced.

Their roots date back to the 18th Century when Augustine Thwaites established his apothecary’s business in Dublin. Together with his son, they went on to develop Soda Water and marketed it as being from the original inventors and sole preparers of the Original Soda Water. Following on from this, Club invented the world’s first Ginger Ale in 1852 and was globally recognised for the quality of its liquids, with 32 gold medals awarded across Paris, Jamaica, Liverpool and New York during the 1890s.

To celebrate their heritage, Club Mixers is delighted to introduce two iconic new bottles in 125ml and 200ml formats. Their range includes Tonic, Slimline Tonic, Soda Water, Ginger Ale, White Lemonade and Bitter Lemon – all skillfully blended to compliment your favourite spirit.




Customer Care ROI: 1890 276 468
Customer Care NI: 0808 1011 610

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