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Ballymaloe Foods produce a wide range of versatile relishes that brings a burst of flavor to any dish! The company has grown to over 13 products that include; relishes, salad dressings, pasta sauces, pickled Irish beetroot, and other meat sauces.

In the 1930’s Ivan Allen started growing tomatoes on Ballymaloe farm. However, he found that when he tried to sell them at the local market, people didn’t know what they were. This left his wife, Myrtle, with a glut of tomatoes in her kitchen so she decided to start making a country relish with them. The relish went on to become a very popular and much-loved part of all family meals. Years later their daughter, Yasmin, started using this same recipe to make Ballymaloe Original Relish for local shops and restaurants. She set up Ballymaloe Foods in 1991 where the company has since grown and expanded to over 13 different products in the range and continues to expand.

Once again, the team at Ballymaloe Foods will be loading up the jeep and heading to Taste of Dublin. Ballymaloe Foods is looking forward to meeting new and recurring visitors this year!


Ballymaloe Foods.,
Courtstown Park,
Little Island,
Co. Cork,


Phone: +353 (0)21 4354810

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