Asahi Super Dry


Asahi Super Dry, a Japanese beer which was first produced in 1987, set a new standard for brewing and was specifically created to develop a dry, crisp taste with a quick clean finish that would cleanse the palate and complement any type of food.

It is brewed with Asahi yeast, hops, barley and rice that helps cleanse the palate after eating. It’s unique dry, crisp taste with a quick clean finish, known as Karakuchi, has undoubtedly been fundamental to this beer’s success and indeed “Japan’s No. 1 beer”. Asahi is distributed exclusively by Richmond Marketing in Ireland and is part of the Asahi Portfolio which includes other premium beer brands such as Peroni and Pilsner Urquell which are also distributed by Richmond Marketing.

Asahi Super Dry is coming to Taste of Dublin this year with a Shinbashi style takeover which encourages consumers to discover Karakuchi, the Japanese word used to describe the unique dry and crisp taste of Japan’s No. 1 Beer. In addition to a Japanese inspired bar, Asahi Super Dry is partnering with Opium Bar and Restaurant to provide a truly authentic culinary experience along with a specially curated DJ set each day. Those visiting the Shinbashi will also be able to enjoy a number of interactive experiences while enjoying a beer.

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