AQUA Carpatica


Keep yourself hydrated at Taste of Dublin with the new and exceptionally naturally pure mineral water, AQUA Carpatica. Virtually nitrate free and with one of the lowest sodium levels for a bottled mineral water, it’s a great choice for topping up one of the most important elements in our diet! #ItsWaterLove

Water’s water, right? Wrong. With water making up 60% of our body weight, 75% of the brain and contributing to some of the most crucial functions in the body it is one of the most important elements of our diet. Therefore, it’s time to discover a new, and exceptionally naturally pure, natural mineral water brand, keeping you hydrated at the Taste of Dublin. It’s worth knowing that AQUA Carpatica is virtually nitrate free and has one of the lowest levels of sodium for a bottled mineral water, making it a great choice for all of us, big or small, for the health conscious, those pursuing a low-sodium diet and expectant mothers. #ItsWaterLove

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