Niamh O'Sullivan

Niamh is a Kildare bred, Dublin based content creator. An NUIG & Digital Marketing Institute graduate, she worked on the brand side in Dublin & New York across Digital & Comms teams for International companies before going solo. She has been creating food & lifestyle content for a number of brands on her growing social platforms and blog, since 2015. 

In terms of how this will relate back to Dyson, many foods when they’re being cooked create poor air quality in the home and in the kitchen. Niamh will be cooking a dish that will cause a spike in poor air quality  which will be evident on the purifier we will provide for product placement at the Taste Theatre. She will also have our Omni-Glide vacuum nearby which is designed for quick on the go cleans which she can quickly clean up crumbs/mess after cooking.  

Niamh will also be one of the judges at the Taste of Dublin Style Afternoon in association with Dyson.