Karan Mittal



Karan Mittal is head chef at the award-winning Ananda Restaurant in Dundrum, Dublin. Ananda is Ireland’s number one fine dining Indian restaurant and since joining the team just under a year ago, Karan has already gained critics’ and customers’ favour with his ingredient-driven menu and the introduction of a bold contemporary tasting menu that marries his knowledge of Indian cuisine with his love of Irish ingredients.

At the young age of 25, Karan is truly a rising star of the Irish culinary scene. The seasonal tasting menu in Ananda is the only one of its kind in the country and is visually stunning and masterfully cooked.

Born in India in 1993, he grew up in India’s capital city, Delhi, where his real journey of food began. His passion for food made him quit a degree in economics and took up a training program at the Oberoi Hotel Group in 2010. The S.T.E.P. – Systematic Training and Education Program –  is a three-year program and the only one of its kind in India, which offers hands-on training and 50 candidates are picked from 5,000 annually, making it highly competitive and sought-after among young Indian chefs.

After, he started working in Indian Accent Delhi, which is the only restaurant in India on the San Pellegrino 100 Best Restaurant List. He worked there for one-and-a-half years under chef Manish Mehrotra. Here he learned modern Californian cuisine with Japanese influences from head chef Daniel Patterson and was exposed to different exotic ingredients and learnt new techniques of cooking.

Karan was selected as the opening chef for the Indian Accent Restaurant New York, where his focus was on training staff and creating menus. Similarly, he was selected as a chef consultant for the opening of Aroqa in New York, where he created an innovative Indian tapas menu and set up of the new kitchen.

Dublin restaurateur Asheesh Dewan head-hunted Karan and he joined the team in Ananda in 2017. Since arriving to Dublin, Karan has been working with Jaipur Group Executive Chef Sandeep and also Chefs Dinesh and Saneesh.

Karan aspires to balance vibrancy with subtlety, taste with texture and consistency with contrasts with Ananda’s Seasonal Tasting Menu, which changes every few weeks. “I am seeking to sharpen my skills as a chef in a global platform; to excel in my passion for cooking and touch the hearts of diners through my dishes.”

Ananda was awarded ‘Best Restaurant in Leinster 2018’ by Good Eating Guide and Karan’s tasting menu was featured in The 7 Top Tasting Menus in Dublinby Image Magazine.

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