John Rogers

Newgrange Gold was started in 2010 by John Rogers to create value form the crop of Oilseed Rape that left his farm every year.

After 2 – 3 years of creating the production facilities and development of the brand with the help of his son Jack, employee’s Ian and Tommy and a consultant, Bronagh Conlon, he launched Newgrange God rapeseed oil, Infused rapeseed oil and Camelina oil on to the market. The brand takes it’s name from the UNSECO world heritage site at Newgrange which their farm looks onto. In 2012, Jack took over the running of the business from his father, who practices as a Barrister also. In the past number of years the business has expanded into the major multiples and food service. The mild flavoured oil that Newgrange Gold produces is down to the soil type found in the Boyne Valley region. Jack is a degree graduate from UCD’s Agricultural Science and is qualified barrister also.

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