Jeeny Maltese

In Brief

  • Venezuela Native, living (and cooking) in Galway.
  • Fully trained chef with Michelin star experience – Trained in LOAM in Galway.
  • Currently speaking & cooking at the BEO events across the country – health, mindfulness and wellbeing talks. (Images attached)
  • She is bright, highly intelligent and loads of fun. 

    Everybody refers to her at the festivals as the “Latin Nigella Lawson” 

My Nutrition
Jeeny and her partner Tom Coleman run the company My Nutrition: He’s the science, she’s the chef ( Tom personally mapped out Conor McGregor’snutrition plan and has recently been approached to plan the nutrition & diet for the Roscommon GAA team.
What Jeeny Does Best
She delivers “Easy, Practical, Inexpensive & Tasty recipes”, without hassle, or crazy ingredients from Health stores or weird ingredients that no ones knows
about it. They are the only ones delivering “Real science & real good food”.
Healthy eating in Jeeny’s own words: “Making it sexy, fun, interactive with a good of sense of humour.”

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