Conor Spacey

Conor is the Culinary Director with FoodSpace, an Irish Catering company that are committed to changing our broken food system and being fully sustainable.

With over 28 years of cooking in professional kitchens, he has always championed Irish ingredients and works very closely with farmers & growers throughout the country

To date, foodspace are the only catering company in Ireland that have been awarded the maximum 3 stars for sustainability for the Sustainable Restaurant Association, in 2018 they were also presented with a “loyal to local” award for all their work with Irish food.

They were just announced as shortlisted for the “most sustainable company”, “Chef of the year 2019” and “Opening Right” for INK their total zero waste café in Dublin. 

Conor is committed to sharing his work on zero waste and plastic-free kitchens that also have a low carbon footprint that people can introduce to their homes as well as professional kitchens

He is also part of the global Chefs Manifesto. He has just launched the Irish Hub in the fantastic Grow HQ in Waterford. Here chefs can meet and be part of workshops and discussions on the United Nations sustainable development goals and implement change into their kitchens with the aim of achieving these goals by 2030.

Conor also spends a lot of his time travelling and teaching people as well as being part of discussions with policymakers on introducing a better and more planet-friendly food system