Valerie Kingston

Valerie together with her husband Alan cofounded Glenilen Farm back in 1997 (without knowing it!) when they got married and settled on Alan’s family dairy farm.

Valerie a food scientist with a passion for making food from scratch found herself experimenting with the milk from their own herd, making yoghurts, cheesecakes, creams and butter.  She joined the local country market to sell her experiments and gradually as farmers markets took hold in West Cork sales expanded. Realising the potential they built a dedicated dairy on the farm to process the milk, and so moved production out of the farmhouse kitchen in 2002. They remain true to their ethos of authentic tasting farmhouse food refraining from the use of additives , allowing the simple natural wholesomeness of the ingredients speak for themselves.

Today they supply all the 3 main retailers in Ireland as well as high end niche stores and hotels, Glenilen Farm exports 20% to the UK, and employs 40 people in their rural west cork location.

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