YR Sauce

YR, exciting Irish taste buds since 1837

YR, Ireland’s original spicy sauce since 1837 has been in the heart of Irish families for generations adding an unbeatable burst of flavour to favourite recipes. It’s not just a dipping sauce but complements various foods; it goes great with bacon sandwiches, burgers, chicken wings, cottage pies, stir-fries. As it’s gluten free and vegan and vegetarian friendly it can be used to add flavour to poke bowls and tortillas.

YR Sauce is renowned for its sweet blended date recipe and exotic spices which meant it had a great opportunity to expand its product range into the relish category, with the YR Original Tomato Relish being made with dates. The relishes are ideal for burgers, salads, cheese and crackers, pizza base and a must have for BBQs, grazing boards and food celebrations.

Relish from the YR archives:

When you’ve been around as long as YR Sauce, you pick up a few tricks along the way. YR has been manufactured in Ireland, to the same recipe, since 1837.

In fact, for almost two centuries, YR has been importing ingredients from around the world, blending the flavours and aromas of tropical India, the sun-bleached Middle East and the Mediterranean - peppers, dates, spices, soy, molasses and more - linking Irish people with world’s flavours.

While nobody would dream of altering the time-honoured, original YR sauce recipe, there have been a few experiments over the years, many of which were lovingly recorded and stored in the archives. We thought it was time to dust off these recipes and put them to the test. The result? A range of extraordinary relishes, far too good to keep to ourselves: Whether you’re the original, sweet type or more of a spicy type, take your taste buds on an adventure through the YR archives with tasty recipes.

YR Original Tomato Relish- A rich and luxurious tomato relish, made with sun-ripened tomatoes, onions and sultanas, with a hint of date, tamarind and molasses. The perfect accompaniment, for anything from a quick snack, a summer picnic or a banquet. You have tried the rest, be amazed by the best!

YR Balsamic Red Onion Relish- A dark, mysterious, sticky relish, sweet one moment then tangy the next. Made from an ancient recipe with a modern twist! Including chunks of red onion, dates, grape and molasses. A robust and flavoursome relish that perfectly complements cheese, salads, burgers, and pizza. Be prepared to be surprised as your tastebuds tingle!

YR Habanero Spicy Relish- Brimming with Mexican inspired passion and flair this rich, fruity habanero relish brings any dish to life. A generous combination of ripe, spicy habanero chilli, red pepper, onion, pineapple and a burst of sunshine. Delicious as a condiment, amazing as a dip!

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YR will be sampling their 3 relishes and brown sauce and will be running competitions each day with prizes. There will be a YR photo opportunity and lots of linked social media engagement. There will also be an opportunity for visitors to buy delicious products.