Wicklow Way Wines

Irish Wines in Co. Wicklow

Living in America for many years, we took a keen interest in the food world and discovered many different tastes and cultural experiences, and it was in California that we tasted our first berry wine. We loved the fresh taste and wonderful aroma that was intriguingly different to any wine we’d tasted before, yet simultaneously familiar. We learned a little about winemaking, and after returning to Ireland we set about making our own wine from the wild elderberries and blackberries growing in the meadows of the Wicklow Mountains where we live. 

Our passion to create an excellent Irish wine continued to grow and we carried on experimenting with different berries until we felt we understood how to achieve consistent quality while letting the character of the berries come through. 

We proudly launched our limited edition strawberry wine at Bloom 2016, and from meadow to glass, Móinéir wines reflect the unique characteristics of the Irish countryside, and are as personal and sustainable and as we can possibly make them. We hope you enjoy.

Pam and Brett