The Powerscourt Distillery

The lands belonging to Powerscourt, part of the ancient territory of Fercullen, boast a rich local history – warring native clans O’Toole and O’Byrne, the Norman house Le Poer, Sir Richard Wingfield and successive viscounties, conflict, honour, peace and calm.

Surrounded by the beautiful Wicklow Mountains, guarded by the mighty Sugarloaf, enjoying a temperate coastline climate and bathed by pure spring waters, Powerscourt provides the perfect stage for distilling Irish Whiskey. And so, after years of careful planning at precisely 11.30am on 13th June 2018, came great celebration. The first drops of new spirit danced from the copper spirit still at the newly-commissioned Powerscourt Distillery. Marking an exciting new chapter in the history of this extraordinary place, that moment will forever be locked in time.