Nature’s Elixir

Nature's Elixr has been inspired by the inhabitants of a small Greek island, Ikaria, to bring a range of herbal teas to Ireland. Many of the 30 herbs they supply are handpicked, caffeine and pesticide-free. Dating back to ancient civilization, the Ikarians used the therapeutic properties of specific plants (herbs) to help alleviate various ailments: they were the tried and tested medicines taken directly from nature. 

In addition to providing the finest quality herbal teas in Ireland, like – chamomile, mint, mountain tea, nettle, dandelion, linden, lemon verbena, lemon balm and sage they also provide premium essential oils, natural sea sponges and the excellent Dead Sea Black Mud soap (a treat for all soap and skin lovers).

They will be helping visitors to the festival to understand how the Ikarians use herbs on a daily basis. They will also be providing samples of these delicious healthy herbal teas to visitors to Nature’s Elixir stand.

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