Keltic Aromas

Keltic Aromas is one of the first companies in Ireland to Distill oil from natural native sources.

Born in 2018, we got tired of over-bearing fragrances nestled in paraffin candles, normally from the other side of the world. These left us with headaches and a lot of black marks on freshly painted walls. Starting off by making candles for ourselves, and then our family and friends – our little hobby turned into a business which we both enjoy and are so passionate about. Striving to better as it progressed from small beginnings to the sizeable range we have today, our passion now comes from meeting our fantastic customers and stockists, who, luckily enough, are as passionate as we are.

All our soy wax candles, melts and home fragrance range are handcrafted by us in Mullingar Ireland. We use only the finest all-natural ingredients to bring a little bit of comfort and quality into your home. With the bright nights and our fresh range of summer favourites, we are sure you will find the right scent made just for you – check out our full range on the fragrance page.

Kelticandles are a 100% luxury soy wax candle maker from Mullingar Ireland. You are guaranteed that our soy wax candles are clean burning, do not contain paraffin wax or harsh wicks – which other candle makers may use. This makes our range of candles and home fragrancing suitable for asthmatics and eco-aware people alike. Our fragrance are carefully chosen from only the best sources worldwide and we strive for a range of products that you will love to burn, melt or use in fragrancing your home.


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