Drink Botanicals Ireland

Drink Botanicals Ireland was founded in 2017 by gin enthusiast Laura McCarthy. We have been revolutionising the spirits scene in Ireland and encouraging the use of botanicals to enhance your standard spirits based drink further by providing premium botanical ranges for the discerning gin and cocktail lovers.

We provide premium botanicals ranges to allow customers to enjoy a luxurious ‘up styled’ Gin & Tonic / Cocktail in the comfort of their own home or party situation.  Our mission is to provide quality products that deliver in both appearance and most importantly aroma & flavour. 

 Drink Botanicals Ireland currently have three products on the market: 

  • The Expert Gin Fusion Kit: This premium Expert Gin Fusion Kit contains everything you need to craft your own Gin and Tonic at home. Included in the set are 5 aluminium jars of flavoursome botanicals including ginger root, cardamom pods, hibiscus flower, star anise and juniper berries that can garnish up to 100 Gin and Tonics. The set also comes supplied with a luxurious stainless steel cocktail spoon and measuring jigger. The perfect Christmas gift… 
  • The Cocktail Fusion Kit: This Gift set contains everything you need to make a true cocktail masterpiece. It was designed for cocktail lovers who enjoy making unique cocktail combinations. It contains all the professional cocktail making utensils needed and a selection of our premium botanicals. This gift set is sure to impress your guests this Christmas… 
  • Gin Fusion Kit: This mini kit is ideal for making an ‘up-styled’ gin and tonic at home. Each Gin Fusion Kit contains 4 of the most flavoursome botanicals (Juniper Berries, Hibiscus Flower, Cardamom Pods and Pink Peppercorn) to give your standard Gin And Tonic extra flavour, aroma and spice. Every kit comes supplied with a serving spoon and a 4 compartment re-sealable tub. Each kit makes 15-20 luxurious G & T's.

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At The Festival

Drink Botanicals Ireland will be bringing a whole lot of Ginformationto Taste of Dublin Festive Edition 2019. We will be displaying our whole product range, which will include: The Expert Gin Fusion Kit, Cocktail Fusion Kit and more. We will also be conducting live demonstrations to show you how our premium botanicals and mixology tools transform your standard spirits based drink into a unique experience.