All About Kombucha

All About Kombucha is an Irish Organic Kombucha Brewery headquartered in Galway, Ireland. The All About team has a thirst for good, healthy products and sustainable practices.

Best friends, and eventual co-founders, Emmett & Keith first got hooked on Kombucha whilst living in Vancouver, CA back in 2017. 

Returning to the Emerald Isle after two years, the pair struggled to find what they deemed a worthy successor to their newfound favourite brew; they began the adventure of creating their own instead.

After a handful of farmers' markets and at-home experiments, they founded All About Kombucha. They continue to use only the best sourced local and organic ingredients in their product. As a proud 1% For The Planet member, 10% of All About's profits go to improving biodiversity in Ireland each year. The Kombucha brewery itself is also a carbon-neutral production facility that uses 100% renewable energy.  

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At The Festival

At All About's “Booch Bar,” we’ll be serving you freshly poured pints of Kombucha with new flavours made exclusively for The Taste of Dublin. The Booch Bar will be kitted out with decks, taps and good tunes, providing a non-alcoholic experience like no other.

Come by for a bop & friendly chat! We’ll be there to talk about all things fermented, alive and fizzy!