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Sunil Ghai

Sunil Ghai was born in India in 1977, and grew up in the prosperous city of Gwalior in Central India. He is the leading Indian chef in Ireland, winning an impressive array of awards including FOOD&WINE Magazine’s Chef of the Year 2009. Former Corporate Chef of the Jaipur & Ananda Restaurant Group and has won many fans for his bold, contemporary cooking style.

He is currently at the helm of his own Venture at Pickle Restaurant and Eating house & Bar on Camden street, Dublin 2.

“Many of my influences in the creation of my recipes come from my father. He has a fantastic imagination when it came to cooking and I have yet to taste food quite like it. In the kitchen, I found the answers to all my curiosities,” says Indian born chef Sunil Ghai".

His home city of Gwalior was an ideal starting point for an aspiring chef. Known as the city of music it boasts over 400 years of royal music patronage which also brought with it the best cuisine from every corner of the nation. Sunil's first passion in life was cricket followed by his mother's first love – cooking. "The wonderful thing about growing up in Gwalior was the eclectic influences all around you. It’s a melting pot of culinary delights from all over the many different regions of India,” says Sunil.

He graduated from the Gwalior Catering in 1996. He also gained an Economics' degree in 1996. While studying for both qualifications The Oberoi Hotel Group recruited him as a trainee chef in 1995. He remained there for five years covering all aspects and regions of Indian cuisine.

Dublin restaurateur Asheesh Dewan head-hunted Sunil in 2000 and asked him to take a year traveling India while Jaipur was being launched in Dublin’s fashionable George’s Street. Since arriving back to Dublin in 2001, brimming with ideas, the Jaipur group has expanded to include restaurants in Dalkey, Malahide, Ongar, the Award Winning ‘Chakra by Jaipur’ in Greystones and now Ananda.

At Ananda, Sunil’s food philosophy was inspired by the rich culinary traditions of the sub-continent, reworked in an enticingly modern style. The very best local, fresh ingredients, the world’s finest spices, and the talent of the Ananda team combine to meet the challenge of creating beautiful food, beautifully presented.

Seasons and regions are reflected in a menu that changes to honour the particular qualities of non-indigenous ingredients and the traditional tastes and styles that best suit them. From the rich, meat-based foods of the North to the vegetarian cuisine of Tamil Nadu and the coconut-based curries of Goa and Kerala to the aromatic fish dishes of Calcutta, a world of tastes is distilled to create the essence of Ananda

Although Ananda will always evolve, Sunil’s aspires to balance vibrancy with subtlety, taste with texture and consistency with contrasts.  For Sunil “each plate is a journey, a delight for the eye and the palette.”


Best chef 2006 food and wine magazine

Best chef 2008 food and wine magazine

Best Indian restaurant 2006

Best world cuisine 2009 food and wine magazine .

Best chef  in Ireland 2009 food and wine magazine

Best ethnic restaurant 2010 by restaurant association if Ireland

Best innovation of seafood award

Best chef  in Dublin award by restaurant association of Ireland 2013

Best chef in Ireland by Santa Rita restaurant association of Ireland 2013

Best restaurant in Dublin

Best restaurant ethnic restaurant 2014 food and wine

Best world cuisine award 2015 Restaurant association of Ireland